Celebration Of Life Video Shared To My Pastors Facebook Page Blocked

Celebration Of Life Video blocked by Facebook. Earlier this week I recorded a celebration of life ceremony at my local church. Not a big deal as my iPhone and a mini tripod worked well during the fifty-minute service. When I returned home the video file was transferred to my PC and uploaded to Rumble. After processing It was shared to my persnal profile and tagged on the church page. When nobody but me could see this celebration of life video I realized it had been shadowbanned! 😡

celebration of life video
Celebration of life video shadowbanned by Facebook censors.

This is really chicken-poop. I’m considered a dangerous individual and am also said to be an enemy of the Biden Regime. But to shadowban a church function because “I’m a dangerous individual, and an enemy of the Biden regime is ridiculous. Political content is rarely shared on my personal profile.

For political content, I have a page called FidoSysop that was created in 2013. It criticizes the current regime and shares a lot of Trump MAGA Rallies and other content. And like most others on the right side of politics, I’ve been slapped silly by Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion checkers that masquerade as fact-checkers. Facebook put me through hell during the 2016 presidential campaign by blogging about Donald Trump. And even more abuse I’ve endured during the 2020 campaign and onward to today.

I’ve not shared much with my personal profile in several months. Others I know have not used Facebook to share personal stuff because of privacy concerns. Mark Zuckerberg like Google and others has screwed his goldmine into the ground joining forces with the Democratic Party (DNC.)

Facebook/Meta $7 MILLION Superbowl Commercial, Video credit, META.YouTube

In light of not being to share content such as church events and other material friends would enjoy, The decision was reached to delete the Facebook app from my iPhone. The messenger app was deleted some time ago when switching to the Line App . Line is out of Japan, is the choice of the majority of Asians, and has all the functions of Messenger minus the spyware!

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