Republicans Announce Their Commitment To The American Voter

Republicans Announce their commitment to the American Voter. The most significant majority of Americans believe their country is heading down the wrong path under Democratic leadership and it’s past due time for a changing of the guard. That’s it in a nutshell. We must retake the House and the Senate to reverse the damage already done to our homeland. VOTE With Your Country’s ❤ In Mind!

Chair Stefanik Highlights House Republicans’ Commitment To America. Video credit, HouseRepublicans/YouTube

House Republicans are readying for midterm elections in November. Media buys in the intervening months will only be as effective as the messages they permit politicians to transmit to voters. For this reason, and in hopes of achieving cohesion in the party’s communications, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) will officially unveil a four-piece “Commitment to America” on September 19 in Pittsburgh. This package of commitments will indicate to voters not only what the GOP intends to combat in the way of Democrat policies, pernicious trends, and perceived corruption, but what it intends to deliver instead to the electorate. The latter is regarded by some as more important than communicating a positive message along with solutions rather than negative messaging.

Kevin McCarthy, House Republicans Unveil “Commitment to America” Policy Agenda. Video credit, Breitbart/Rumble

An economy that is strong:

The first document attributed an estimated 550% increase in inflation to Democrat spending and noted the impact of a 12% spike in food prices. It also emphasized American energy dependence, the high price of gasoline, and U.S. reliance on a hostile supply of critical goods (i.e. particularly on communist China).

The proposed remedies:

  • eliminate wasteful government spending;
  • reduce the cost of living and boost business with “pro-growth tax policies”;
  • reconnect workers with jobs while also disincentivizing remote work;
  • end Biden’s “anti-energy policies” and increase the production of American-made energy;
  • onshore supply lines and manufacturing; and
  • strengthen and modernize the U.S. stockpile of supplies and medicines.
Commitment To The American Voter
Commitment To The American Voter by House Republicans for the American Voter . Image credit, GOP

A nation that is safe:

The second document pointed to the fallout of the Biden administration’s border policies, including the crime and drug deaths resulting from unchecked illegal immigration. It also noted the connections between “Defund the Police” initiatives and skyrocketing murders and between failed border policies and the unprecedented number of opioid overdoses.

The southern border and Democrat deference to criminals were not the only focuses, however; foreign policy concerns were also raised. The document stressed the geopolitical threat of communist China amid waning confidence in the U.S. military, particularly after Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The proposed remedies:

  • require proof of legal status when applying for a job;
  • restrict welfare benefits that incentivize illegal immigration;
  • end catch-and-release at the southern border;
  • finish building the border wall while also fully funding Border Patrol;
  • make violent crime against police officers a federal offense;
  • fully fund hiring bonuses to recruit more cops;
  • deny funding to “woke district attorneys” and prosecutors who refuse to prosecute crimes;
  • invest in the lethality of the U.S. military;
  • hold the Biden administration responsible for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal;
  • stand with Israel against Iran and terrorism; and
  • counter communist Chinese aggression.

A future that is free:

The third document homed in on three fronts: education, health care, and free speech. On the first front, it underlined a dearth (28%) of confidence in public schools, the Department of Justice’s efforts to target parents, and the pandemic’s deleterious impact on children’s academics. For health care, the document noted Americans’ decreasing life expectancy and the possible negative impact of an increasingly socialized approach to medicine. Finally, the document touched both on the addictive and censorious nature of social media.

The proposed remedies:

  • take action to protect parental rights and expand school choice;
  • ensure that transsexuals do not ruin girls’ school sports;
  • invest in lifesaving cures;
  • modernize personal health care and expand access to telemedicine;
  • scrap Section 230 protections for big tech companies;
  • provide greater data security protections for citizens; and
  • counter the cartelization of any collusion between big tech organizations.

A government that is accountable:

The final document in the communication kit suggests the Democrats have: been opaque in their dealings; worked to silence their critics; applied the law unevenly; and run roughshod over the liberties of conservatives.

The proposed remedies:

  • promote government transparency and accountability;
  • uphold free speech and religious liberty;
  • defend the unborn and protect pro-lifers targeted by bad actors;
  • safeguard the Second Amendment; and
  • ensure safe and free elections.

House Republicans previously issued a “Commitment to America” in 2020 . The 2020 commitment was more geared toward helping then-President Trump continue to execute his mandate and helping America gain its footing after the pandemic, hence the language of “restore,” “rebuild,” and “renew.”

The midterms will become a bloodbath for the Democrats.

Since Afghanistan had not yet been withdrawn from in a botched manner and nearly 2 million illegals had not yet stolen into the country, geostrategy and the border were not top priorities as they are now. Policing was, however a concern, considering that year the “Defund the Police” rhetoric had kicked off, along with the BLM riots . Commitment To The American Voter is a bold move by the GOP.

Commitment To The American Voter
Kevin McCarthy talks about the GOP Commitment To The American Voter. Image credit, NY1

In March, former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich likened McCarthy’s recent efforts and his forthcoming “Commitment to America” to past Republican efforts, particularly former President Ronald Regan’s successful work in 1980 and the GOP’s game-changing 1994 Contract. Gingrich suggested that the House Republicans, by following up on these commitments, will “replace Nancy Pelosi’s despotic perversion of the House of Representatives and turn it once again into the ‘people’s House.'”

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Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan
09/27/2022 7:23 PM


09/24/2022 12:16 AM

Promise forever never deliver

Ken Deale
Ken Deale
09/23/2022 6:17 PM

This all sounds good, but one important detail that needs immediate attention if/when the republicans gain control….the January 6th detainees need help now! Many have been held for 1.5 years with no hearings, no charges, no trials…this is totally unlawful and unacceptable. Those who broke the law should be charged and punished, but there are a whole host of January 6th “attenders” who did nothing wrong, and yet are being held in prison. This needs to end!!!

09/23/2022 7:09 PM
Reply to  Ken Deale

Anyone who is involved with the unconstitutional treatment of these people need to spend decades in the same cells these people are in.

09/23/2022 4:04 PM

Sure they do!!! All of them except those that just voted to ake away our right to vote. Our right to challenge, our right to a fair election. You know the Liz Communist bill.

Jay Cee
Jay Cee
09/23/2022 3:29 PM

This is just more of the same BS! Why haven’t they released the jan 6 prisoners!! When are they going to come to tthe rescue of thses immates? They lie just like the left.