Mark Levin Opening Monologue & Ted Cruz Interview 10/23/22

Mark Levin Opening Monologue & Ted Cruz Full Interview 10/23/22. Mark knocked another ball out of the park in last night’s Life Liberty & Levin show. He also interviewed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) together they unmasked the Democratic party’s racist, dangerous and unconstitutional rise to power under the Biden Administration. The complete history of the DNC is unmasked in Mark’s opening monologue!

Mark Levin Opening Monologue Full Interview With Ted Cruz. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

Player FM reports: On Sunday’s Mark Levin show, Hillary Clinton compared Trump rallies to Hitler rallies. President Biden called MAGA Republicans a threat to democracy. Republicans. Not the party of Jim Crow, not the party of lynching, or the party of racially motivated riots, but the Democrats are calling republicans Hitler supporters, and this will be parroted by the media and become acceptable speech to the consumers of fake news. Get the Facts in Mark Levin Opening Monologue and Ted Cruz interview.

Then, Joe Kennedy who was supportive of Hitler, and the Democrat Party has a history of being an evil racist political party. Biden is using tried and tested tactics of totalitarians and repeating them. Their goal is to think for you so that you simply abide. Later, Biden probably won’t seek reelection and doesn’t care who wins the next election. Therefore, Joe’s politicizing the government, spending trillions, politicizing the FBI and DOJ, and signing executive orders like no other president in modern history. 😡

Joe Biden acts without legislation or regard for the American people. Afterward, Missouri AG Eric Schmitt calls in to discuss his race for the US Senate. Schmitt emphasized how important it is to win this senate seat because elitist Democrats are trying to pack the court, remove the filibuster, and ram whatever legislation they want straight through Congress with no debate. But their power will soon be gone when in 15 days America votes Full Ballot Republican laying the Framework for the 2024 MAGA Takeover!

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