Ron DeSantis Stumps For Lee Zeldin In NY Bashes Lawless Dems

Ron DeSantis Stumps For Lee Zelden in Long Island NY. The huge crowd who have heard about his Florida success roared with cheers. DeSantis blasted New York Democrats for “coddling” criminals at a campaign event Saturday and blamed their leadership for sending residents packing to Florida. DeSantis, appearing alongside New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, even took a swipe at former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for the migration. New Yorkers should be fed up with Democrat leadership!

NY Gubernatorial candidate Rep Lee Zeldin joins Ron DeSantis at a Get Out the Vote rally. Video credit, UsHub/Rumble

The New York Post reports: When Bill de Blasio got elected mayor of New York, you know how much real estate in South Florida spiked when he got elected Mayor of New York City? DeSantis quipped. DeSantis believed to be a favorite to run on the Republican ticket in the 2024 presidential election took the stage in front of thousands at Hauppauge in Suffolk County as Zeldin continues to close the gap against incumbent Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul. The Sunshine State’s leader bashed New York policies, including the controversial bail reform laws, and said he couldn’t wait to see Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg removed from office, which Zeldin has pledged to do if elected.

Crime is everywhere in New York. Cathy Holcum coddles it. Lee Zeldin will stop crime in its tracks!

The crime problem has been totally self-inflicted. You cut police budgets, you do things like eliminate cash bail and you have rogue prosecutors who won’t even enforce laws that they agree with, of course, you’re going to have streets that are less safe, DeSantis said. Of course, you are going to have people that aren’t able to do the basics without fearing for their safety. Stop turning [criminals] loose on the street. They’ll commit a crime and they put them right back out, he went on. Stop releasing people early from prison.

She is blinded by her hatred of the people she was elected to serve!

If you do the crime, you must do the time. We need to focus more on supporting the rights of the victims of crime and not be so concerned with the rights of the criminal. Lee Zeldin will not coddle these people. He will hold them accountable and you will be safer as a result. DeSantis said people are sick and tired of the crime that they see, particularly in New York City. He boasted that Florida was a law-and-order state and that New York would become one if Lee Zeldin is elected. It’s 8 days until the midterm elections. Do yourself a favor and vote full-ticket Republican. Democrats and their bad policies have got to go!

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