Ron DeSantis Makes Luke Bryan Relief Event Liberals Go Bonkers!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis makes Luke Bryan event appearance and Liberals go bonkers. The left has gotten too accustomed to dictating what Americans can do or say, and with Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is coming unglued. So luke Bryan held a Florida Hurricane relief concert in Jacksonville and for a short time invited our Gov. Ron DeSantis on stage to say a few words, and DeSantis can be seen throwing hats into the crowd Donald Trump style. The left went berserk throwing a fit on Twitter and elsewhere!

Luke Bryan brings out governor Ron DeSantis during this hurricane relief event in Jacksonville FL. Video credit, Mr. Jville

Country star Luke Bryan apparently did not strike the right chord with Twitter users after bringing out Gov. Ron DeSantis during his Jacksonville hurricane relief event Friday and was quickly met with disdain. Bryan, who is currently on his “Raised Up Right Tour,” told the packed crowd at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, “We’re gonna have some fun and raise some money tonight for the great state of Florida” in wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian in September. DeSantis, who is currently up for reelection in Florida, was met with a deafening wave of sound as he walked on stage, according to a video shared on Twitter by a concert-goer. Opinions on the decision, and the manner in which Bryan brought out the governor , were quickly shared and dissected on Twitter, with one user writing, Look I understand this is for hurricane relief from the devastation that happened in Florida I can understand that. But when you do this 10 DAYS before the midterms it’s nothing but a political stunt. [Better get used to it boys! 😎 ]

Elon Musk announces content moderation council. Plans on reactivating wrongly suspended accounts.

Well, the left better get used to the new normal. Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk just had the company’s septic tank pumped. He cleaned the house firing the CEO and CFO and others. Musk is forming a committee to look into Twitter’s policies and plans on making the liberal’s playground into a level playing field. A neutral digital town hall of sorts. Musk has already stated that wrongly suspended member accounts will be reactivated. Including Donald Trump which will cause the liberal lunatics to go completely berzerk. In only 8 days America is giving the Democrat Party the Boot by Voting RED Full Ballot!

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