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Over the years, I’ve observed my once-proud homeland going to crap! Greedy politicians have sold America out. Once proud American cities turned into slums, their politicians became more prosperous and powerful. It seemed our homeland was a goner as businesses moved overseas where labor was cheap. Skilled American workers lost their jobs, causing hard times and setting in motion foreclosures and vehicle repossessions. Nobody cared about the cast-aside abandoned American workers! πŸ˜₯

Donald J Trump Full Speech at CPAC 2023. Video credit, TrumpCampaign/Rumble

Like so many Americans years ago, I figured politicians were all crooks, and voting was picking the lesser of the two evils. But in 2015, a very successful non-politician American businessman stepped forward to run for the president whose campaign promised to Make America Great Again! When he officially announced his campaign he was attacked by mainstream media and censored by social media. When he won big in 2016, it shocked big tech headed by Google, who altered their search algorithm to bury positive content and prioritize the negative. While technology has improved most of our lives, the downside of this technology is how it’s being manipulated for political purposes. πŸ™

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President Donald Trump visits his troops on Thanksgiving 2019 with a surprise visit to Afghanistan. He set up big media by tweeting he would be golfing but instead slid off to Afghanistan in Air Force One. The press made asses of themselves as expected.

His name is Donald J. Trump. He kept his word and made Americans proud again! Lower corporate taxes enticed corporations to move back to America, which was respected worldwide. Then came Covid-19 that forced America’s businesses to close. I believe that politics was behind the Wuhan lab leak. Donald Trump was taking a big bite out of China’s economy. They had to halt Trump’s roaring economy and prevent him from winning another term. The rest is an absolute political nightmare!

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My assistant webmaster Rocky and I hang out in cyberspace keeping up with tech.

This website and its media content reflect my personal opinion. I simply tell it just like I see it, with no beating around the bush or sugar-coating applied. This website is a huge mostly political archive that contains many MAGA-Trump-related posts and many archived rallies. And as such is search censored and highly shadow-banned by big tech. I do not run ads or attempt to generate revenue in any way. Sourced content, links, snippets, images, videos, etc, are used within the doctrine of fair use rights! 😎