Donald Trump Indicted By Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Grand Jury

Donald Trump Indited

Donald Trump Indicted By Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Grand Jury. Are you ready to stand up and peacefully protest these politically driven charges unfairly brought upon our MAGA King? The last I heard yesterday was Bragg’s grand jury was recessing for a month. My girlfriend told me she read it on Facebook. I said that’s fake news. But after searching with duckduckgo there it was!…

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The 3rd Tennessee Transurrection Is Ongoing Wheres The Feds?

Tennessee TransInsurrection

The 3rd Tennessee Transurrection Is Ongoing, where are the feds? Gun control activists were seen storming Tennessee’s State Capitol Thursday amid rising fears of a left-wing uprising at a rumored protest in Washington, DC. Footage of the ongoing insurrection, posted to social media just before 2 pm, shows progressive protesters attempting to enter the Nashville legislation building, and being batted away by several members of the…

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Madonna Announces TN Concert Benefitting Trans Rights Groups

Madonna Trans Rights

Madonna Announces TN Event Benefitting Trans Rights Groups. So she is fundraising for trans rights organizations but none of these funds will go to the victims and families of the Covenant shooter Audrey Hale. This is so wrong in so many ways! But Madonna always has been alleged to be a loose cannon. I remember back when Clinton and Trump were slugging it out for…

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Senate Bill 686 Will Lock Up Americans For Alleged Disinformation

Senate Bill 686

Senate Bill 686 will cuff and stuff Americans in prison for up to 20 years for disinformation. This bill will turn the internet into one big censorship Prison. It will make the Dems censorship which they already have been doing legal under federal law. If you think that an election was stolen and post or say anything about it on the internet you can be…

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Dan Bongino On The Covenant Massacre And More Relevant Info

Audrey Hale

Dan Bongino comments on the Tennessee Covenant School Massacre on 03/28/23. Nashville Police just released body cam video footage of two hero police officers that shot Audrey Hale to death after searching the Covenant school building. These two police officers are Heroes. They went in with guns drawn searching the classrooms. Hale was found next to an exit door and was taken out. Dan Bongino…

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Hannity Interviews Donald Trump At Mar-A-Lago 03/27/23

Hannity Trump Interview

Hannity Interviewed Potus-45 Donald Trump at the Mar-A-Lago resort last night. They discussed the DNC witch hunt that two states and the federal government are doing to prevent Trump from being a candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Friends, we are losing our homeland because of the Democratic policies that are all messed up. Then last night when he was supposed to address the Covenant…

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Biden On Covenant School Shooting Rambles About Ice Cream!

Nashville School Shooting

Biden speaks about the deadly Nashville School Shooting and at the start of his speech after children and adults were massacred he said, My name is Joe Biden. I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband. I like ice cream and chocolate chips. I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a refrigerator full upstairs. It has been said…

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Train Derailments Are On The News Nearly Daily What’s Going On

Train Derailments

Train Derailments are becoming a regular occurrence. First, it was the East Palestine Ohio derailment catastrophe that spilled hazardous chemicals that wound up in the air and area streams and rivers. Officials decided to blow up the unburned tanker cars that sent a dangerous mushroom-like cloud that wound up polluting other areas. It seemed after the East Palestine derailment nearly every day there was news…

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Trump Save America Rally Instant Replay Video Waco TX 03/25/23

Trump Rally Waco

The Trump Train came rolling into Waco Texas last Saturday night, disguised as Trump’s beautiful Boeing 757 jet plane, which pulled up behind the crowd that was loudly cheering his arrival. When the rally began Trump tore into Woke Fat-Albert Bragg and the Democrat’s attempts to remove the best president ever from the 2024 presidential election! It’s just another Witch Hunt that we’ve witnessed for…

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Alvin Bragg Said Trump Will Not Be Charged And Resigns Position

Alvin Bragg

Alvin Bragg announced in this video that Donald Trump will not be charged. He also announced he is resigning his position as New York City District Attorney. The video was shared by Jack Posobiec on Twitter but none of the media is commenting on it. Was the video pre-recorded to be announced on Monday? Is there a leak in the DA’s office? Does the DA…

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Trump And DeSantis Should Team Up To Eradicate The Swamp!

Trump and DeSantis

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump & Ron DeSantis should team up to Eradicate the D.C. Swamp. It does not make sense to start a feud the Hatfields and McCoys would be jealous of, which is gaining traction after Ron’s public statement on the Soros Funded Manhatten DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Donald Trump. Can you all imagine what a team these two would make?…

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Mark Levin Interview With Joe Tacopina Donald Trump’s Attorney

Levin Joe Tacopina

Mark Levin Interview with Joe Tacopina, Donald Trump’s Attorney regarding Alvin Bragg the alleged Liberal George Soros-funded Manhatten NY District Attorney who is searching for a crime to indict former Potus-45 Donald Trump. This is yet another liberal witch hunt against Trump. Democrats are desperate to get Trump off the 2024 Presidential Election. As Mr. Tacopina said, it’s common to pay hush money to people…

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NYC DA Alvin Bragg Joins The Deep State In Trump Witch Hunt!

DA Alvin Bragg Trump

NYC DA Alvin Bragg joins the deep state in yet another Get Trump Witch Hunt. Bragg is the alleged Liberal George Soros-funded DA that charged a 61-year-old bodega worker, Jose Alba, with murder for defending his store. That’s what the priorities are in NYC. Prosecute the innocent as crime is out of control! In my personal opinion, NYS should be removed from our union along…

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Florida Transgender Ban On Young Children Takes Effect Today

Florida transgender ban

Florida transgender ban on young children is now law and takes effect today. Florida doctors could lose their medical licenses if they order puberty blockers, hormone therapy, or surgery for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria, under a Florida Board of Medicine rule. Governor Ron DeSantis is among other GOP politicians nationwide targeting gender-affirming care for minors. DeSantis and Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo argue…

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Vladimir Putin ICC Arrest Warrant Issued For Alleged War Crimes

ICC Putin Warrant

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes. The ICC wrote that Putin is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of the population (children) and of illegal transfer of people (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova brushed off the arrest warrant,…

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