Alvin Bragg Said Trump Will Not Be Charged And Resigns Position

Alvin Bragg

Alvin Bragg announced in this video that Donald Trump will not be charged. He also announced he is resigning his position as New York City District Attorney. The video was shared by Jack Posobiec on Twitter but none of the media is commenting on it. Was the video pre-recorded to be announced on Monday? Is there a leak in the DA’s office? Does the DA…

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Trump And DeSantis Should Team Up To Eradicate The Swamp!

Trump and DeSantis

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump & Ron DeSantis should team up to Eradicate the D.C. Swamp. It does not make sense to start a feud the Hatfields and McCoys would be jealous of, which is gaining traction after Ron’s public statement on the Soros Funded Manhatten DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of Donald Trump. Can you all imagine what a team these two would make?…

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Mark Levin Interview With Joe Tacopina Donald Trump’s Attorney

Levin Joe Tacopina

Mark Levin Interview with Joe Tacopina, Donald Trump’s Attorney regarding Alvin Bragg the alleged Liberal George Soros-funded Manhatten NY District Attorney who is searching for a crime to indict former Potus-45 Donald Trump. This is yet another liberal witch hunt against Trump. Democrats are desperate to get Trump off the 2024 Presidential Election. As Mr. Tacopina said, it’s common to pay hush money to people…

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NYC DA Alvin Bragg Joins The Deep State In Trump Witch Hunt!

DA Alvin Bragg Trump

NYC DA Alvin Bragg joins the deep state in yet another Get Trump Witch Hunt. Bragg is the alleged Liberal George Soros-funded DA that charged a 61-year-old bodega worker, Jose Alba, with murder for defending his store. That’s what the priorities are in NYC. Prosecute the innocent as crime is out of control! In my personal opinion, NYS should be removed from our union along…

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Florida Transgender Ban On Young Children Takes Effect Today

Florida transgender ban

Florida transgender ban on young children is now law and takes effect today. Florida doctors could lose their medical licenses if they order puberty blockers, hormone therapy, or surgery for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria, under a Florida Board of Medicine rule. Governor Ron DeSantis is among other GOP politicians nationwide targeting gender-affirming care for minors. DeSantis and Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo argue…

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Vladimir Putin ICC Arrest Warrant Issued For Alleged War Crimes

ICC Putin Warrant

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for alleged war crimes. The ICC wrote that Putin is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of the population (children) and of illegal transfer of people (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova brushed off the arrest warrant,…

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Hallie Biden Potus46 Family Member Who Received China Funds!

Hallie Biden China

Hallie Biden President Biden’s daughter-in-law-turned-former Hunter Biden lover was revealed in subpoenaed bank records to have received a large sum in U.S. dollars by wire from China. The records show Hallie Biden received $35,000 over two transfers in 2017 from Biden family associate John “Rob” Walker after he got $3 million on March 1, 2017, from State Energy HK Limited, a firm affiliated with CEFC Energy.…

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America IS Being Invaded And Democrats Are Not Enforcing Laws!

America Is Being Invaded

America IS Being Invaded with our southern border wide open. Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are not enforcing the laws. It seems to me that Potus-46 is compromised by the big money deals his son Hunter has done with China, Russia, and Ukraine. This morning on Fox&Friends it was said that Zelenski is out of bullets! How can Ukraine be out of ammo with…

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J6 Jacob Chansley Plays Donald Trump’s Go Home Tweet

J6 Jacob Chansley

J6 Jacob Chansley plays Donald Trump’s tweet “Go Home” To Crowd outside the capital building. That audio clip was released by former J6 defendant Pam Hemphill, AKA MAGA GRANNY showing Chansley and others playing Trump’s “GO HOME IN PEACE” message to protesters on January 6th, 2021. Chansley AKA Qanon Chansley was sentenced to a FOUR-Year Prison Sentence. So when Tucker Carlson released the J6 video…

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With SVB Failure Is America Heading Toward Its Next Depression?


With SVB Failure, Is America Heading Toward Its Next Depression? I’ve been reading tweets from personalities and individuals that are discussing the Silicone Valley Bank failure. The streaming company Roku had $487 million, representing 26 percent of its cash, in Silicon Valley Bank, the company disclosed in an SEC filing Friday. As a rule, when one big bank goes belly up others are right behind…

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Biden Will Raise Taxes IF His 2024 Proposed Spending Bill Passes

Biden Spending Bill

Biden Will Raise Taxes if his 2024 proposed budget passes. Let’s face it, this is yet another “Spending Bill” which will bring increased living costs to the American people. In essence, this gives Democrats more money to push diversity and equality. More building big government. More xxx-rated books in children’s school libraries. More IRS agents to pick small businesses’ pockets clean. And it goes on…

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Tucker Carlson Responds To Chuck Schumer’s DNC Media Lies!

Tucker Carlson Schumer

Last Night’s (03/07/23) Tucker Carlson Show was fantastic. Tucker really stuck it to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Let’s face it, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of their goons are caught in the Big J6 Lie like Rats in a trap. They lied once again trying to imprison Donald Trump and failed! Here is Tucker’s portion of the show that mattered the…

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Democrats Go Bonkers Over Tucker Carlson’s J6 Truth Videos

Democrats Go Bonkers J6

Democrats Go Bonkers Over Tucker Carlson’s J6 Truth Videos, which proved there was no insurrection. Let’s face it, they are putting out news that Ukraine blew up Putin’s NordStream 2 pipeline which they are hoping will be a good enough distraction to lessen the real J6 facts. They are so busted it’s laughable! Caught like the big fat dirty rat he truly is – Chuck…

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Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About Insurrection

J6 Video

Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About the U.S. Capital Insurrection. All Patriots should thank house speaker McCarthey for fighting the democrats to get this never seen by the public security footage. Now we see why Nancy Pelosi insisted on keeping what you are about to see on the video private. They lied their butts off. The event that took place on January 6th,…

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Trump CPAC 2023 We’re Evicting Joe Biden From The Whitehouse

Trump CPAC 2023

President Donald Trump CPAC 2023 was HOT last night and spoke clearly and decisively for nearly two hours. He stated that in 2024 We’re Evicting Joe Biden From The Whitehouse, as the crowd roared! He ticks through a list of pledges for a second term in office while also hitting on points he’s repeatedly made in past speeches since leaving the White House, notably that…

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