China Spy Balloon Over Montana – Did Joe & Hunter Sell Us Out?

China Spy Balloon

China Spy Balloon Over Montana – Did Joe and Hunter Sell America Out? The latest word from China is saying it’s a research balloon. They wouldn’t dare fly any “civilian high altitude balloon” over America if Donald Trump was currently our President. The world would be safer, and Russia would have never Invaded Ukraine if Trump was president. This thing could set off an Electromagnetic…

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Twitter Files Release Has State-Sponsored Media Hiding The Facts

Twitter Files Release

The Twitter Files Release has revealed how the DNC and the Biden Campaign colluded with the FBI to censor conservatives. Last night there was a Twitter Spaces (live audio conference) that drew over 1000 participants including Elon Musk who answered participants’ questions. The spaces host was Kim Dotcom and another not known to me. Even Donald Trump chimed in for a bit. This spaces session…

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Rigged Search, Gatekeepers Choose What We’re Allowed To See!

Voter Suppression

Rigged Search, Gatekeepers choose what we’re allowed to see. As a free thinker and independent blogger, website owner, and hobbyist webmaster, I’m finding out how the Democratic party manipulates big tech and the so-called lamestream media. When blogging the truth about what’s going on in America certain articles are refused indexing by major search engines manipulating the message! Search is the main way articles like…

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Truth Social Web App Is Robots Blocked, Insider Sabotage A Possibility

truth social web app

Truth Social Web App is blocking the public webroot from search engines. Furthermore, it’s being reported that Donald Trump’s dev team has not submitted the required paperwork to Google for its app inclusion in the play store. Going to the new web app my existing account was denied access. Using a different email and phone number I registered a second account. Once logged in I…

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Big Tech Is Covering Up The Cover-Up Of The Least Secure Election Ever!

covering up the cover-up

Big Tech Is Covering up the cover-up of the “least secure election ever!” It’s a proven fact the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN By the DNC and Joe Biden. And once again just like back then, YouTube is striking creators down for any mention of the 2000 mules movie containing cellphone ping data analysis that is factual. Law enforcement uses the same technique to…

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Media On 2000 Mules Mostly Silent As 2020 Election Fraud Facts Reveal

Media on 2000 Mules

Media on 2000 Mules is mostly silent as 2020 presidential election fraud facts are revealed. Most of those who reported on the net about 2000 Mules and True The Vote smartphone GEO tracking are doing their best to discredit the painstaking work. The fact is the ping tracking used Is accurate. The data did not reveal the individuals involved by name but the CIA DOJ…

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Rigged By Big Tech, Big Media, How Democrats Bought The 2020 Election

supreme court leak distraction

RIGGED by big tech, big media, how Democrats bought the 2020 Presidential Election. This is the definitive account of the 2020 election. Based on Mollie Hemingway’s exclusive interviews with campaign officials, reporters, Supreme Court justices, and Former Potus45 President Trump himself, rigged exposes the fraud and cynicism behind the Democrats’ historic power grab! 😡 Stunned by the turbulence of the 2020 election, millions of Americans…

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The Nelk Boys Trump Interview Deleted By YouTube Is Now On Rumble

the nelk boys trump interview

The Nelk Boys Trump Interview at Mar-A-Lago was deleted by Google’s YouTube for alleged Election Disinformation. The Nelk Boys “Full Send Podcast” channel on YouTube was then demonetized. This is a common practice of the Internet Gatekeeper striking down creators such as Dan Bongino and other well-known patriots. There’s a difference between a president being duly elected by the people, and a president who is…

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Donald Trump & Ted Cruz Join Hannity For These Must Watch Interviews

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz talked with Sean Hannity about the state of our country. Cruz rode along ‘shotgun’ with the Peoples Convoy into D.C. getting out at capital hill explaining why the truckers are protesting mandates and other issues. Donald Trump was right about everything that’s going on in our country today from gas prices to record high inflation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine…

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Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) Rolls Out Sweeping 11-Point Rescue America Plan

Rescue America GOP Plan

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) our former governor for two terms has come up with his 11-point blueprint plan, jam-packed with 128 specific policy ideas to “Rescue America” that Republicans should enact once they retake control of both chambers this midterm election. “I’ll warn you; this plan is not for the faint of heart,” Scott added in the 31-page plan’s opening letter. We have lost control…

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Mark Levin & Pete Hegseth on Trump Campaign/Presidency Spying Facts

Trump Campaign/Presidency Spying

Mark Levin & Pete Hegseth along with John Ratcliffe discuss the latest John Durham investigation findings on the Donald Trump Campaign/Presidency illegal spying. Friends, these are the facts laid out that prove without a doubt the Clinton Campaign engaged in espionage against Donald Trump by hacking into servers when he was a candidate and after he became our 45th president by hacking into the white…

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Trump/Russia Hillary Clinton Spun-Up Lie Before Losing Potus45 Election

Trump/Russia Hillary Clinton

Trump/Russia Hillary Clinton big spun-up lie was fabricated by her campaign before losing the Potus45 Election to Donald Trump. It was just revealed that Crooked Hillary, as Donald calls her, hired tech firms to hack into Trump’s servers at Trump Tower during the campaign. After losing the Potus45 Election, Hillary was not done yet. She funded tech firms to hack into The White House servers…

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American Crisis Day-20 2022 ~ Sean Hannity Interviews Donald J. Trump

American Crisis

American Crisis as the Biden Administration continues to divide America in so many ways. In this video, Sean Hannity interviews former Potus45 Donald J. Trump. The two discuss the perils our county is presently in and what Donald Trump would do to bring a very divided America back together. The two talk about Joe’s train wreck of a scripted press conference where Joe didn’t mention…

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YouTube Suspends Dan Bongino’s Channel Opens HUGE Can Of Worms!

Dan Bongino's YouTube Channel

YouTube suspends Dan Bongino’s Channel. It’s painfully obvious that the old saying which is, Nothing Hurts Worse Than The TRUTH is TRUE! It’s Just like millions of conservatives and Trump supporters that have had their Opinions shut down by Google’s censors. Personally, I believe Google opened up a big ole can of worms censoring Dan Bongino, who is also on YouTubes BIG Competitor Rumble! Forbes…

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Why Is The Media NOT Reporting On The Many Democrat Scandals?

democrat scandals

Democrat Scandals are ongoing in our homeland, yet a steady barrage of anti-conservative rhetoric is reported on a daily basis! Not one single democrat scandal is being reported on by the media. Not on immigration, inflation, rising costs of everything, failure to put together any plan on covid, nothing, nada, zip. It’s shameful as journalism hits an all-time low in our country. They’re actively selling…

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