Locked Out Of Elon Musks Twitter For Unspecified Policy Violation

Elon Musk's Twitter Act Violation

Today I was locked out of Elon Musks Twitter for some unspecified policy violation. To be honest I have been wasting too much time reading, liking, and commenting on others’ tweets. All I know is my account is locked for 10 hours plus. I may also have to complete other requirements to access my $7.99 monthly Twitter Blue account. This action came after contacting Twitter…

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Twitter Files Release Has State-Sponsored Media Hiding The Facts

Twitter Files Release

The Twitter Files Release has revealed how the DNC and the Biden Campaign colluded with the FBI to censor conservatives. Last night there was a Twitter Spaces (live audio conference) that drew over 1000 participants including Elon Musk who answered participants’ questions. The spaces host was Kim Dotcom and another not known to me. Even Donald Trump chimed in for a bit. This spaces session…

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Why Is Facebook Defending The Alleged Biden Crime Family

Facebook Defending Biden Family

Why is Facebook defending the alleged Biden crime family? Case in point, last night the Daily Mail published an article about CBS News finally admitting that Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell was real. I shared the daily mail article on my FidoSysop Facebook page and Twitter. Almost immediately I received a warning from Facebook that the shared article goes against their community standards and only…

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Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22 DeSantis, Rubio, Scott, Instant Replay

Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22

Last night’s Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22 from Florida lit up the gold coast evening. The guests were FL Gov. Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey. Marco Rubio took the stage next. Followed by FL Senator and former governor Rick Scott. Casey DeSantis who is now 100% cancer free talked about how Ron took care of her when she was under treatment. Senator Scott awarded Hannity…

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Twitter Followers Disappearing By The Thousands, What’s Up?

Twitter followers disappearing

Twitter followers disappearing by the thousands, what’s up? This is a mystery that piqued my interest so it’s worth blogging about in my humble personal opinion. Twitter is a good source of information but if you’re a Conservative, Republican, or Trump supporter your reach is nearly as low as it can go. It’s being said that since Elon Musk is going ahead with his purchase…

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Trump Save America Rally Anchorage Alaska 07/09/22 With Sarah Palin

save America rally anchorage

Our fearless leader tore into Elon Musk at yesterday’s Trump Save America Rally in Anchorage Alaska with Sarah Palin adding her two cents worth. Trump said Musk was another BS artist, over his voting record. Adding, he’s got himself a mess, I’ve looked at his contract. Former President Donald Trump included a number of stinging rebukes during his Save America rally in Anchorage, Alaska, Saturday…

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Elon Musk Made A Wise Decision Dumping Spam-Bot-Infested Twitter

Elin Musk Twitter

Elon Musk made a wise decision dumping bot-infested Twitter. I’m thinking the number of spam-bot accounts is huge. Back during the 2016 presidential campaign and during his presidency Donald Trump would post a tweet and almost instantaneously he would be attacked. Back then we used to call the blue-checked accounts Jack Dorsey’s bot army. This social media website is a Democrat-controlled cesspool of trolls, not…

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The Cold Hard Truth About Truth Social And A Much Better Alternative

Trump Says No Twitter

The Cold Hard TRUTH about Truth Social, Donald Trump’s NEW social media website, which does not even have www access! Devin Nunes crowed about how popular truth social was, claiming it gets more engagement than Twitter. He said to download the app from the app store but not until nearly the end of the interview did he admit the Truth app was only available on…

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American Free Speech Online Is Alarmingingly Difficult But Is Achievable

Doc's FidoSysop Archives

American FREE Speech Online is Alarmingingly Difficult but is fully achievable with the right resources. It’s totally true that big tech owns the Internet because of the way they have monopolized it. Today’s web surfers use APPs to connect with web services. And that’s where they have us by the shorthairs. Say something they don’t approve of enough and they pull their APPs severing the…

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