Democrats Intimidating Voters 4 Days From Midterm Elections

Democrats Intimidating voters

It’s 4 days to judgment day and Democrats are Intimidating Voters. Biden and Obama are blatantly lying about Republicans taking Social Security away from retirees. Yesterday the view co-host Sonny Hostin called women Republication voters “Roaches” ABC network living up to its rotten reputation (Always Broadcasting Crap!) Here are a couple of to-the-point segments from last night’s Hannity show! What a mess Joe Biden and…

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Hannity 06/30/22: Here’s What Lamestream Media Is Not Telling America

Hannity 06/30/22:

Hannity 06/30/22: If you get your political news from the lamestream media (ABC CBS CNN MSDNC NBC Insert the others here) you are being misled. Mainstream media AKA lamestream media are partnered with the Democratic Party (DNC) and are publishing what the Biden Admin tells them. They are not telling us that America will be in a Recession by July! It’s Joe Biden’s Failed Policies…

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