Ron DeSantis Makes Luke Bryan Relief Event Liberals Go Bonkers!

Luke Bryan DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis makes Luke Bryan event appearance and Liberals go bonkers. The left has gotten too accustomed to dictating what Americans can do or say, and with Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is coming unglued. So luke Bryan held a Florida Hurricane relief concert in Jacksonville and for a short time invited our Gov. Ron DeSantis on stage to say a few words,…

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We Have Only 8 Days To SAVE AMERICA! You Must Watch This!


We Have only 8 Days to Save America! We’re at WAR from within. It’s a really fierce battle between America as we know it and the Democrat Party! This is Mark Levin’s opening statement from last night’s show. Mark gets it and is factually saying if we do not take back the House and the Senate in 8 days or we will lose America forever.…

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Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22 DeSantis, Rubio, Scott, Instant Replay

Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22

Last night’s Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22 from Florida lit up the gold coast evening. The guests were FL Gov. Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey. Marco Rubio took the stage next. Followed by FL Senator and former governor Rick Scott. Casey DeSantis who is now 100% cancer free talked about how Ron took care of her when she was under treatment. Senator Scott awarded Hannity…

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Fiery Debate of Marco Rubio and Val Demings, Instant Replay

Debate of Marco Rubio

Fiery Debate of Marco Rubio and Val Demings, instant replay (full) 10/18/22. Wow talk about a cat on a hot tin roof, Margo Rubio ripped Val Demings to shreds. Demings despite being in Congress for several years has not passed a single bill. As the TV ads claim Demings is a rubber stamp for Nasty Nancy Pelosi and is doing her best to vote in…

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Herschel Walker Turns Georgia RED In 21 Days, Hannity Town Hall

Herschel Walker turns Georgia RED

Herschel Walker turns Georgia RED in 21 days. Instant replay video from last night’s Hannity Town Hall. The people are waking up realizing the Democrats have sold them a bill of goods, and they’re not putting up with Democrat Leadership anymore. There were cheers and a standing ovation for Walker as he took center stage. Walker talked about the previous debate he had with Sen.…

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Biden Busted Colluding With The Saudis For Dem Midterm Votes

Biden Busted Colluding

Biden Busted Colluding with the Saudis for Democrat Midterm Votes. The Dems are losing it as it’s now 25 days until the midterm elections in 2022. Joe Biden was thrown under the bus by the Saudis begging them not to cut oil production until after the midterms. The Saudis not only tossed Biden under the bus but backed over him and ran him over again.…

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Ron DeSantis: Release Covid-19 FL Monoclonal Antibodies Stranglehold

FL Monoclonal Antibodies

Governor Ron DeSantis called on the Biden Administration to release the stranglehold on life-saving Fl monoclonal antibodies treatment for COVID-19 through its allocation system and increase the supply distributed to Florida or allow states governors to purchase the antibodies directly. Rationing life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments because of political narratives, or limiting supplies dictated by race or ethnicity is just unimaginable. Democrat lunacy in the first…

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